01 JUNE 18:30 PM
Evolution, consequential changes and blockchains

Societies have evolved over time as our human habits have changed due to all kinds of factors: environment, food security, resources availability, technological advances, etc. Certain factors have enabled greater changes, consequential changes, that other factors haven't. Running water and electricity are two staples not yet available to everyone, yet very commonly touted as revolutionary in what they mean for society at large. In this talk, I will introduce the concept and technology behind blockchains, distributed ledgers that we now all read about every week in some media outlet or another. Blockchains have the ability to introduce a new consequential change in human society, and may act as a valid tool to expand our society into one that incorporates relatively advanced artificial intelligences. The setting for this talk, an art event, is perfect in this regard as art has always been one of the forerunners of change in society. 

Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez (link)
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03 JUNE 18:30 PM
Introduction to Smart Contracts

Introduction to Smart Contracts will provide a overview of what a program on the blockchain is, why it matters and what we can do with it. There is no technical knowledge needed to attend as, we’ll be building from the ground up without getting very technical. If you want to learn about the next evolution of the Internet, you can’t miss Introduction to Smart Contracts!

Samuel Huber (link)

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15 JUNE 18:30 PM
DAOs: promises and considerations

Cases studies and open discussion

Maria Paula (link)

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17 JUNE 18:30 PM
Introduction to NFT: Can you ethically engage with NFTs as an artist

NFTs crashed into the art world like an elephant riding a lamborghini through a china shop. But what does this all mean for artists? Is it really all apes, scams, and crypto memes out there? Taking a step back from the hype, Raphaël recounts his NFT journey from the perspective of an individual creator, navigating the murky waters of the crypto ocean, and looking for a simple answer to a complicated question: can you ethically engage with NFTs as an artist?

Raphaël de Courville (link)

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29 JUNE 18:30 PM
Generative Art: Evolution, Revolution or Hype

Ivona Tau (link)
Ciphrd (link)
Flygohr (link)

Diane Drubay (link)

01 JULY  18:30 PM
Brave New World: What Blockchain and Web3.0 Promise Us

Chris Boos (link)
Karsten Schmidt - Toxi (artist and educator)

Tabea Rößner (Chair of the Digital Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag)
Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler (Partner at DWF and founding member of the Blockchain Bundesverband)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam (link)


16 & 17 JULY
Introduction to decentralisation I,II