a celebration of Hic Et Nunc's 500.000 first objkts.

inspired in the 3rd piece I minted here (#5310), reflecting on my journey since and in all the times that debugging has inspired me. Debugging is the practice of inspecting and fixing your work until it does what you intended. Unexpected results, derived from mistakes, always bring a new perspective. Generative art brings the same joy: to discover hidden pieces within the total space of possibilities. Pieces/places that actually help you shape your work, often times convincing you to take a different road. Debugging generative art becomes, then, a double journey in the joy of discovery. Life works in a similar way. We debug our lives constantly to try and achieve whichever goals we have set, learning in the process that other options are there, other ways, other ideas, other cultures, other perspectives. That's what my journey is about. Tinkering, trying, failing, learning, repeat. Hoping to create an instant that inspires.

The piece shows my debugging aids on top of a work made with the polylines system that I used in objkt 5310.

Artwork by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez, @msoriaro.

Made with Processing, 3500x2000 png.