The elimination of a central authority that can restrict access to information opens up a revolution for human creativity.

Art is avant-garde. Digital art in a decentralised world means unrestricted access: it can be published by anyone and everyone, and it can be viewed and reviewed by anyone and everyone. And yet applications like digital art are only the beginning.

So much more can be achieved: the possibility of granting unforgeable digital property rights that are not managed by a central authority can, for example, have enormous implications for digital identities, social media, privacy, e-commerce, digital communication, and access to elections.

These possibilities culminate in a decentralised internet - the next evolutionary step, which is more of a return to its origins.

The exhibition Unblock Gaudi aims to become a driver of this liberation of human creativity in the digital world.

The project wants to draw attention to the tools that enable anyone and everyone to break open an old inefficient world full of oligopolistic structures and create a new cultural paradigm.

The artists and programmers behind the art exhibited here are figureheads, pioneers who provide us with impressive examples from a new era.

Unblock.Gaudi welcomes everyone to join our growing community and us to seize opportunities and create impressive projects that directly impact society and serve a better purpose. Become part of the community and UNBLOCK your thoughts and habits.