consciously caught in darkness [G]

Part of the series "consciously caught in darkness"
Holders of this token will become living entities of this tenebrous algosystem.

After some time in the darkness, it seems like the population has become accustomed to their environment. As their fear went away, they realized they were the source of what was causing it. But something was still wrong. While they became quite aware of the square in which they lived, some started to wonder. What could be, outside of it ? "This is where our dead souls go". "This is where we fall if we get too close." "This is where the one who created us live." And to this question, none of them could answer properly. After all, they couldn't see it, so how could they be certain of any truth ? And so, as they became to wonder more and more about what they couldn't see with their eyes, they became afraid of it. And, as their fear grew, they started to see the darkness coming out of it. A darkness they knew, a darkness to which they had become accustomed, but still a tenebrous one. And so, they did what they knew best: stick together, so that it could not get to them.

A tokenized piece. It may break in the future if the hicdex api were to change.
controls: stuff with mouse
Inspired by the work of Kim Asendorf