Verse #83

The artist’s hand can never execute anything higher than their head has conceived.---Every Tentacular Critter image in the "Distributed Consciousness" collection (KT1S9VbCtVZUgAG4Q3VArvY5stu96q4CiPHZ) has in fact some text - a verse - cryptographically hidden amongst its pixels, invisible to the human eye, but readable by code. The entire collection is in fact a book, a poem, a manifesto. And every image is in fact one verse from the poem, one page from the manifesto. Furthermore, the entire text is generated by an AI algorithm trained on the Writings in The Cloud, as archived by the Keepers of Our Collective Consciousness. The results: a human-machine cocreation meditation on consciousness, free will, art, life, death, technology, ritual, ecology, economy, sustainability, and salvation.These are the audio-visual readings of the corresponding Verses.