OBJKTs (Mondrian Edition)

This interactive OBJKT queries the hic et nunc contract on the Tezos blockchain to obtain the latest number of OBJKTs minted and will render the artwork with a series of bars representing each of the digits of that number. (Full vertical bar = 0)It makes these queries without the use of 3rd-party web APIs (previously this was the only way to achieve this), technically making it a more resilient NFT. Instead, it communicates directly with Tezos RPC nodes using an embedded Taquito JS library, and is programmed to cycle through 2 popular community-run nodes (SmartPy and Tezos Giga Node from Tezos Ukraine) should one of them fail.This is a Piet Mondrian-inspired edition.Clicking anywhere randomizes the colors | Made in p5js | Created: 10 August 21 | Artist: @Yazid