Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez is an artist and strategist. His artistic practice is centered on the whole span of possibilities of a given system and how it can engage with human emotions, as well as the potential emergence of a machine version of the same phenomenon. The role of technological advances in this regard with respect to society has been the focus of his work on innovation and strategy in a handful of companies, from small startups to large financial multinationals. He has released critically acclaimed generative art collections at and Art Blocks Curated series 6. He co-founded a global data practice at BBVA, a global financial firm, where he led the data strategy activities. He co-founded Databeers, an informal data literacy movement present in 10 countries, and has been advisor, mentor and investor in a number of technological startups. He writes occasionally on his personal website,, about art, strategy and random thoughts around these topics.