credits: Evlyn Bencicova
Diane Drubay has accelerated the transformation of museums internationally since 2007 with her vision of a future respectful of people and the planet, empowered by innovation. Today, her main spearheads are around the climate emergency, future social models and spaces.

She is the founder of We Are Museums, a community of international museum change-makers working towards a climate-resilient future empowered by social and technological innovation. She is very active in the Web3 and NFT space and acts as an arts and culture advisor for the Tezos ecosystem at TZ Connect. Beforehand, she created the museum digital strategy agency Buzzeum and co-founded Museomix, a hackathon for museums. Previously, she worked at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and at the Henner Museum in Paris.

Diane Drubay is also a visual artist working with photography and digital media to create visions of alternative realities. She nudges for more Nature awareness and positive change for better futures.